Never quit no matter what."

Who is Quan Lee?

Quan is a student, athlete, and entrepreneur from Buchholz High School in Gainesville, FL. Since he was six years old, football has been a large part of his life. It was not until he got to high school that he embraced it and realized he wanted to pursue his dream of being a football player.

When on the field, he developed a mindset of being tenacious, motivated, and outworking his opponents. However, he is more than just a football player. Quan is a lifelong learner and business owner who carries that hard-working mindset into all facets of his life.

Scoring in Business

At 14 years old, Quan Lee began his journey in the moving industry, working for Maverick Moving Company in Gainesville. His experiences with Maverick Moving Company  inspired him to start his own company, ACE Moving Company, which prioritizes affordability, creativity, and efficiency. 

During the summer, you could find Quan balancing his passion for football with his dedication to his business, often showing up to workouts in a U-Haul truck fresh from a job. With his unique approach and drive, Quan has established ACE Moving as a top choice for customers in need of reliable and affordable moving services.